Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's YOUR number?

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My number is 240. What is this number? The number I cannot get under!

It seems like we all have a certain weight where we hit a wall and it's hard to get any lower. Since I have weighed more than 240lbs, I have always struggled getting under that number. And now, we meet again.

My weight is still bouncing between 241-244lbs. All I want to see on the scale is two-hundred-thirty-anything. I don't care if it's 239.9, I'll take it!

I'm getting so frustrated that it will not get below this, it's where I always struggle. I WILL GET UNDER 240, I'm just getting impatient.

I had my husband hide our scale. It has been two days now. I'm going crazy not getting on it, but I'm going to wait until Saturday morning to weigh myself.

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