Monday, December 29, 2014

This week's weigh-in

Pin It My daughter ended up needed surgery. This was her 4th brain surgery, and hopefully the last one for quite a while.

Christmas dinner was good. I didn't over indulge, and I didn't cook anything too "bad." I ate hospital food with my daughter for two days before that (ordered salad and eggs for the most part), but I didn't get to exercise. My boyfriend flew in from California to help with my daughter until she goes back to school (thank God for him!), and I told him he's going to have to eat what I in healthy food! I'm sure he'll live haha.

Tonight's menu is a recipe I found on pinterest. Sun Dried Tomato Chicken. I will probably make some brown rice to go with the sauce it's cooked in. I'm also going to make some baked jalapeno poppers. I'll post the recipes soon!

This week I lost .4lbs. It's better than a gain, I'll take it! 6lbs down so far since my "relaunch".


  1. You have not posted anything since 2014. How is your daughter??? Are you going to begin posting again?

  2. Hi any news since then? Did you ever get back to losing?


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