Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just spit it out!

Pin It Getting very full from a meal is very uncomfortable. You get that pain in your stomach, and it feels like the food is sitting at the top of your throat, ready to come up (because it probably is!), but you STILL take that one, last, yummy bite....

I ask myself three questions as I'm chewing that last bite.
  1. Am I still "starving?" No
  2. Is my stomach growling? No.
  3. Is my stomach full and satisfied? Yes.
 Well, I've been telling my self to just "spit it out." So I walk over to the trash and spit it out.

Now  I just have to convince myself to not even put that last bite in my mouth! I think it's the battle with "head hunger."

I'm so use to eating this large plate of food, even though it's been more than a month since I had a serving like that...I put my food on this small plate and I tend to always put more than I can handle because it's still hard to imagine that I'm going to get full off of that amount.

Anyone else have any tips or advice?

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