Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Slow week!

Pin It The past 5 days I've been bouncing around a little bit. Went from 256 to 258, then 257, 256 yesterday and today I'm 255 :) Finally downnnnn again :D

1 more pound until my pre-pregnancy weight from 8 years ago! I've only gotten under that mark one other time when I did Weight Watchers the first time about 5 years ago...and then I gained it all back! This will be the last time I see that number on the scale (unless my weight decides to fluctuate a few pounds again haha)

Maybe I should be taking photos of the scale each time I step on it, that way I have the memory of that weight. NAH!! I don't want to remember what it feels like to be this obese ever again!

As much as my eyes are more hungry than my stomach and it makes me frustrated, I would not change this for anything. I am 100% for this surgery. Such a life changer, for the better.

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